07:30   Welcoming coffee


  Introduction by the organizer, S. Haulon
08:10   TEVAR
Chairmen: M. Farber, C. Nienaber, E. Steinmetz
  08:10   Lessons learned from the TEVAR registries, I. Loftus 
  08:20   How I do it: rapid pacing and IVC occlusion in TEVAR, T. Kölbel 
  08:30   What is a proximal sealing zone in the thoracic aorta, T. Resch 
  08:40   To cover, or not to cover the left subclavian artery, J. Sobocinski
Chairmen: D. Adam, P. Cao, E. Verhoeven
  08:50   Retrograde branch, G. Oderich 
  09:00   Endoanchors in challenging TEVAR cases, P. Kasprzak
  09:10   Proximal scallop, V. Riambau 
  09:20   Helical branch, B. Roeder
  09:40   Break on the exhibition hall
Chairmen: N. Sakalihasan, R. Vallabhaneni, S. Cheng
  10:10   LECTURE
Unravelling the literature about type B dissections, T. Mastracci 
  10:20   Defining malperfusion, pain and rapid growth in acute dissections, M. Tyrrell 
  10:30   Endo trash or endo treasure: embolization of the false lumen, does it work? T. Kölbel 
  10:40   Can we predict type B aortic dissection outcomes when the patient arrives? R. Clough
  10:50    DEBATE
Shoot first or hold your fire in acute type B dissections?
Team urgent repair, C. Nienaber 
Team careful surveillance, F. Vermassen 
  11:10    Complete false lumen occlusion with fenestrated endografts in chronic dissections: future direction or flash in the pan? S. Haulon 
  11:20    HYBRID ROOMS
Chairmen: G. Oderich, T. Mastracci, T. Resch
  11:20    How can I reduce X-Ray exposure? A. Hertault 
  11:30    New automated workflow support for EVAR, E. Verhoeven 
  11:40    It's all about flow: EVAR dedicated workflow, S. Haulon 
  11:50   CBCT: do we need it and what are the risks? N. Dias 
  12:00   Can you do a registration without a fancy machine? T. Carrell 
  12:10   Optimizing fusion registration, M. Farber 
  12:20   Benefit of fusion in everyday practice, results from a multicentric evaluation, S. Haulo
  12:30   Tips and tricks to design a hybrid room that I want to work in, P. Gomez 
  12:40   When a stab in the back works: translumbar type 2 endoleak embolization, A. Hertault 
  12:50   Lunch on the exhibition hall
13:50    SHORT NECKS
Chairmen: M. Eagleton, M. Farber, N. Sakalihasan
  13:50   Update on parallel grafts for complex AAAs: the PERICLES and PROTAGORAS registries, K. Donas
  14:00   The down-Low on EVAS, chimney and complex aneurysms, M. Thompson 
  14:10   Evidence behind the decision for CHIMPS vs fenestrated, G. Panuccio 
  14:20   Who is LoRETA? T. Mastracci
  14:30   A proven AAA therapy, R. Kellersman 
  14:40   DEBATE
Chimney vs fenestrated: tradeoff between durability and initial complexity,
Team chimney, K. Donas
Team fenestrated, E. Verhoeven 
Chairmen: S. Haulon, G. Oderich, E. Verhoeven
  15:00    LECTURE
What impact does practice volume have on open TAAA repair, M. Thompson 
  15:10    DEBATE
“Off the shelf” branched endografts should always be the first option:
Team off the shelf, M. Austerman 
Team custom made designs, T. Resch 
  15:30    Why am I the only one using helical branches? M. Eagleton 
  15:40   When to use a branch and when to use a fenestration, D. Adam 
  15:50   Endovascular debranching, P. Kelly 
  16:00    DEBATE
Is endografting an option in patients with connective tissue disorders?
Team open surgery, M. Jacobs 
Team stentgraft, R. Clough 
  16:20    Break on the exhibition hall 
Chairmen: D. Adam, T. Kölbel, T. Mastracci
  16:50    DEBATE
We shouldn’t be doing endo surgery in fit patients!
Team open surgery, L. Chiche 
Team endo surgery, P. Cao 
  17:10    LECTURE
Making sense of the evidence for staging and spinal cord conditions: myth or reality (including embolization of intercostals), C. Etz 
  17:20   Spinal cord injury prevention: what we can do to make sure patients walk out of the hospital, 
      B. Maurel 
  17:30   Is endovascular repair of TAAA cost effective? J-P. Becquemin
  17:40   When seconds count: BEVAR for ruptured TAAA, B. Modarai 
  17:50   Laser fenestrations for emergency repairs: real life or only in the movies? D. Fabre 
  18:00   DEBATE
Branches vs fenestrations for renal arteries:
Team Branches! P. Kasprzak
Team Fenestrations! M. Eagleton
  18:20   Kidneys and complex aneurysms: the real story, T. Martin-Gonzalez 
  20:00   OFFICIAL  DINNER (Upon reservation)
      Omnia Restaurant (15 min. walk)
      Seated dinner downtown, next to the Grand Place of Lille
9, rue Esquermoise


Chairmen: F. Arko, J. Busquet, R. Greenhalgh
  08:00   Should I simulate to improve my practice? I. Van Herzeele
  08:10   The influence of anatomy on results of EVAR for ruptures, H. Verhagen
  08:20   EVAS global registry update, J-P. De Vries 
  08:30   Altura, A new paradigm in EVAR, J. Ghosh 
  08:40   When and where EVAR patients should be discharged? J. Van Herwaarden 
  08:50   My experience with a next generation endograft, M. Eagleton 
  09:00   Is a large neck a contraindication to EVAR? A multicentric experience, M. Gargiulo 
  09:10   Late rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm after previous endovascular repair, J. Brennan 
  09:20   EVAR secondary interventions with endoanchors, J-P. De Vries 
  09:40    Break on the exhibition hall 
Chairmen: Y. Gouëffic, S. Haulon, T. Reix
  10:10    LECTURE
What I’ve removed from the aorta... my experience with explantation and endotrash, M. Jacobs 
  10:20   Internal Iliac branch device, F. Verzini 
  10:30   FEVAR, G. Oderich 
  10:40    Repositionable iliac branch endoprosthesis, M. Reijnen 
  10:50    Early experience with an off the shelf branched endograft, M. Farber 
  11:00   Percutaneous access, G. Pratesi 
  11:10   Chimneys, E. Ducasse 

Chairmen: C. Etz, S. Haulon, T. Resch
  11:20   The latest news about arch and elephant trunk open repair, X. Chaufour 
  11:30   How to promote distal aortic remodeling in acute type A aortic dissections, J-S. Chen 
  11:40   R&D challenges associated with endografting of type A dissections, M. Czerny 
  11:50   Tips and tricks for arch branched endografts, T. Kölbel 
  12:00    Alternative ENDO techniques for the aortic arch, B. Sonesson 
  12:10    Arch branch endografting: current results, P. Cao 
  12:20    Ascending aorta endografting in type A dissections, F. Mussa 
  12:30   Development of an endograft for the ascending aorta, F. Arko 
  12:40   Percutaneous transseptal and transapical access, T. Kölbel 
  12:50   Lessons learned on branched arch endografting, S. Cheng 
  13:00   DEBATE
Repair of the arch after type A dissection repair:
hybrid is the best option, G. Melissano
No, it’s endo! S. Haulon   
  13:20   Closing remarks, S. Haulon, E. Verhoeven
  13:30   Lunch in the exhibition hall